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From Neeme Praks <ne...@apache.org>
Subject using fortress in/from JBoss
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2003 12:00:58 GMT
Hi all!

I'm trying to get my hands dirty again with Avalon in relation to 
"day-work" project I need to do... So, I'm hoping to get some useful 
comments from you and then I'll volunteer to update fortress xdocs also! ;-)

So, some questions:
* what is the best way to integrate fortress in J2EE container like 
JBoss? Custom MBean/service that initializes Fortress and binds it to JNDI?
* is it really a good idea to bind the container to JNDI as suggested in 
the servlet example 
(http://avalon.apache.org/excalibur/fortress/servlet.html)? Then the 
whole thing will be serialized if some remote client is asking for it... 
or have I misunderstood something? Shouldn't there be some sort of proxy 
system instead?
* is it possible in Fortress to add/remove new components without 
re-creating the whole fortress instance? For example, if I have several 
EJBs that have different components and they want to add/remove these 
components upon deployment/undeployment... or all the configuration for 
fortress has to be done initially and that's it?


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