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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] AMTAGS (avalon meta tags)
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:22:30 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>> I would like to add (either in the
>> x-avalon namespace or the avalon namespace):
>> @avalon.role
>>       Marks an interface as one that is designed to ALWAYS be exported.
>>       I find it useful for 90% of all cases, and @avalon.service as
>>       necessary for the remainder.
> Bad idea. I may want to implement a work interface you wrote, but not 
> export it. Implementors need the ability to "override" this kind of 
> thing. It is okay to mark an interface as designed as a "work interface" 
> in avalon scope, but making all classes which implement it export it 
> "automatically" is _not_ a good idea and I know of at least one 
> phoenix-based app it would totally break.
> I understand the usecase (less typing!), but it will just cause too many 
> hassles with existing apps.

Existing apps wouldn't use it.  GUIApp would use it because ALL screens
are screens, and any component implementing Screen is exporting that.

Also, keep in mind the distinction of what is meant by "exporting".

For example, Phoenix has a concept of exporting which makes the
component accessible.

>> @avalon.component
>>       Marks a class as a component--if we do not use this, then we
>>       must agree on minimal way to flag a class as a component.
> AIUI, a component is a class which provides a service. Providing a 
> service is done by exporting a work interface. A component is thus 
> marked as a component by the use of the @avalon.service tag. If you mark 
> a component as a component without providing '@avalon.service' to mark 
> its work interface, there's nothing you can do with the component. So 
> this becomes redundant as soon as you drop '@avalon.role'.

Technically speaking, it is stil redundant in that you can collect all
classes that implement a role.

>> @x-avalon.info
> I would prefer to make this part of a seperate proposal, ie XAMTAGS, 
> basically because I haven't seen any satisfactory commentary on Peter's 
> reference to the different kind of breakdown of the lifestyle as has 
> been proposed in the past. I happen to think a different kind of 
> breakdown makes sense :D

This one works.  I proposed one based on scope and it didn't resonate
with anyone.  Peter's proposal is too complex, and not predictable
enough.  It needs to be resolved, and the reason for the x-avalon
namespace is to work with something for a while until we find something
that works.

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