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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Verifying Meta Tags
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 10:39:02 GMT

Berin Loritsch wrote:


I've included a few comments below on the individual tags.  These are 
mainly reflecting the tags you have defined with the equivalent stuff in 
Merlin.  I have a concern related to both @avalon.role and 
@avalon.component (for the same reason) - they don't define anything 
that we can't figure out from other information (at least that's the 
case in the content I've worked with) - maybe more discussion on this is 

Anyway - documentation on the tags used in Merlin are included here 
http://avalon.apache.org/sandbox/merlin/tools/tags/index.html - is there 
equivalent documentation for the tags your working on?

One more thing - you may want to play around with something similar to 
the @avalon.meta.namespace tag - it allow a little more flexibility in 
tag naming convensions. See 
http://avalon.apache.org/sandbox/merlin/tools/tags/namespace.html for 
more details.

> It is my inderstanding that we are OK with the following tags:
> On the service interface (optional):
> @avalon.role -- marks role interfaces as a role/service directly

What is the function of this tag - what does it generate in Fortress.  
In the Merlin environment there are two tags that can be associated with 
a interface.  These include the @avalon.meta.version tag, and the 
possibly multiple @avalon.meta.attribute tags.  Given that you already 
know that the interface is an interface, presumably you can focus on the 
declaration of the "features" of the interface that you want to capture.

> On the component implementation:
> @avalon.component -- marks the class as a component 

I have simpliar concerns about the @avalon.component tag to the above 
comments concerns role.  We know that we are dealing with an 
implementation class and we can detect if that class contains tagged 
information.  I think it is more interesting to focus on qualifying the 
features that are required and then triggering processing from those 
features as opposed to using what is in effect a component market tag.  
For example, the Merlin meta model requires that a version is declared 
explicitly (in fact this is the only required tag). 

> @avalon.service org.apache.ServiceName -- marks the specified interface
>                                           as a role/service 

Would prefer to see this as @avalon.service type="[type-defintion]" 
where [type-defintion] = [classname]:[version] where version is  optional. 
See http://avalon.apache.org/sandbox/merlin/tools/tags/service.html for 
an example.

> @x-avalon.lifecycle singleton -- Marks the lifestyle of the component
>                                  (should be changed to lifestyle) 

Loks fine - can you confirm if you using the same arguments as the 
Merlin package:

> @x-avalon.name component-name -- Configuration short name and debug name

I would use "name" in preference to "component-name".
See http://avalon.apache.org/sandbox/merlin/tools/tags/name.html

Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

Sent via James running under Merlin as an NT service.

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