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From Paul Hammant <P...@ThoughtWorks.net>
Subject Re: No Logging (TM)
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:06:43 GMT

>But what is wanted here is not logging, but a way of notifying the
>application that something is happening inside the server.

Logging happens to be choice after that.

>If that notification then translates to log output being produced
>then that is not the concern of the AltRMI code.
That's what I said !? ;-)

>While this leads to more coupling, I fail to see this as a bad thing
>in this case. If you want logging, then you can wrap this in an
>AltRMI block (I think this is what a block is in Phoenix-ese), and
>then have minimal coupling between the block and the rest of the
True true.  The Avalon-adapter block can automagically connect up A-F 
logging in the usual LogEnabled way. //TODO

>>This ServerMonitor is all but completely nonportable, meaning 
>>ServerMonitor impls are also nonportable. Is every app 
>>layer/component (like altrmi) to have a different kind of Monitor, 
>>along with implementations?
>Yes. And I prefer this to a hyper-abstract interface, or committing
>to a logging framework - AltRMI is notionally below that level.

> a) a long list of if...elseif...else
> b) reflection-based dispatch (i.e. for class C, dispatch to method
>    "handle" + C.getName ().
>I'd prefer to keep that stuff out of AltRMI.

>>>My feeling is that application coders
>>>choose a logging mechanism, but bean/comp coders should not do so.
>>+1. This is exactly what A-F framework and commons logging are ment to
>>address, no?
>I think the issue here is: Is monitoring a server always equivalent to 
>logging? In this case, I think not. 

Kewl stuff - Leo and I agree on something :-)

- Paul

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