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From Paul Hammant <P...@thoughtworks.net>
Subject Re: No Logging (TM)
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 05:37:34 GMT

> [...]

> public interface Notifier{
>     void notify(Object[] notifications);
> }
> [..]
>  setNotifier(myNotifier);
> [..]
>  addObserver(java.util.Observer o); 

 > But... this would mean that we would need a notification.jar that has 
the above interface. Interfaces are bad for API coupling.

That last a bit sweeping.  Interface/impl separation is a good thing in 
general.  Premature publication of an interface model is a bad thing. 

My take is that the use of a simplified interface is neat in that it 
means that an evolving package will never cause compilation errors in 
user-community code.  However, given it is a black-box, there would be 
nothing to stop it it breaking at /runtime/ if a slight difference 
occured on the arrays of objects being passed into the black-box.

The same thing another way - I'd like to be informed by the compiler 
that there is some subtle change in API.  It helps me have high test 
coverage. Of course test coverage is irrelevant if your only view of 
monitoring is logging to a text file somewhere in a file system.  My 
contention on testing and TDD is that logging (as a means to an ends) is 
not an API, thus not test-worthy.

Thus, I err towards a strong interface design and away from a 
loosely-coupled design like those above. 


- Paul

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