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From Paul Hammant <P...@thoughtworks.net>
Subject No Logging (TM)
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 21:56:21 GMT


I've reworked AltRMI to use a Logger impl agnostic design.  Basically 
the idea is that by default AltRMI logs to the command-line using 
system.out unless an individual instance (our important distinction) of 
a server or a client has had setMonitor(..) called.  I've coded adapters 
for Log4J, A-F Logging, Commons-Logging, Java 1.4 Logging.  I've also 
coded a NullLogger.  Anyway, the user of the reusable bean/comp has max 
flexibility WRT logging (or not). They are not dependent at runtime on 
*any* logging framework if they don't want to be.

Does this concept have legs?  My feeling is that application coders 
choose a logging mechanism, but bean/comp coders should not do so.  My 
proof for the this is born from TDD.  Why log? - You don't test the 
textual output to a logger? If you do it is pointless testing it as no 
deterministic use of that textual dump is ever coded. for a bean/comp 
user.  Much better a monitor.

It certainly has flaws.  Namely, you should wait a while until you 
finalise your monitor interface.  And suffer the impact of change thru 

Does anyone want to help me crisp this up?  I'd hope that a decent 
document can be created and we can approach other groups to help with a 
rollback of static logging (or hard wired logging impls).


- PAul

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