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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject Re: Moving demo apps under phoenix
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 22:37:30 GMT
On Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:33, Leo Simons wrote:
> Peter Donald wrote:
> >>- why is there a src/api?
> >
> > to store the API separately.
> well, duh! But what is "API"? Or, the API of what? Certainly there is
> more api to phoenix than what is in src/api!


src/api + src/compat defines the API for phoenix components.

> >>- how much of the containerkit stuff and other stuff re-included is
> >>actually unused? (like the kernel subpackage. Does the phoenix kernel
> >>use it?)
> >
> > a bit unused but it does not harm atm
> >
> >>- how much of the content currently in src/java do we want to move to
> >>src/compat?
> >
> > none.
> heh :D
> My idea on this (without knowing specifics) is that we want to move
> unused stuff there!

compat is for stuff that we need to keep around for compatability reasons and 
so as not to break peoples code. 

The unused stuff is either stuff that is going to be used in the future, used 
now but not enabled by default and I think there is a bit of junk code in 
there that is mainly thought experiment.


Peter Donald
 militant agnostic: i don't know, and you don't know either.

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