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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: Avalon Enterprise
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 19:30:46 GMT

> From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org] 
> I think you are mistaken. I am not the only person with the Avalon 
> community with interests related to distributed service management.

I'm sure you're not, but you are the only person that is:

 1. An Avalon Committer

 2. Working on Avalon Enterprise

If that's not an "only-committer", I don't know what is.
> I have to confess that I find the re-occurring "only-committer" and 
> "one man show" comments as highly negative, misleading, and given 
> the other activities behind the scenes, rather frustrating.

They are negative in the sense that one-committer projects should be
either merged with several-committer projects or leave Avalon. A project
with a single committer fails one big test: It has no community. And
no, non-committers do not count toward a community.

But misleading? In what way?

> This 
> content is going to be refactored. That refactoring will take into 
> account everyone's interests. Now is not the time to do that because 
> all of the pieces are not in place yet. If you or anyone else wants 
> more information then please post me an email privately.

I pose the following questions:

 1. Why does the current organization of that project make sense?
    You have a total of 12 people, and only one of them is a committer.
    All of you are committers at another project. Yet, the project is
    hosted here. Why?

 2. When do you expect this process to be completed (i.e. when will
    all the pieces be in place)? If you can't give an estimate,
    then why should we wait?

 3. Provide an overview of the "pieces". We, as PMC, need to know what
    is going on - we need to get a grip on this.

You can reply to this list or to the PMC list. If there are issues that
you can't post on the PMC list regarding this project then I consider
reason enough to eliminate the project *immediately*.

> >You say you have 12 people working on that code. 
> >
> I did not say that.


    >> Incubator would seem best given this is a <ducks> one man project

    >> </ducks>. 
    > Actually - its 12 of us.

OK, change my sentence to read "You say you have 11 people working on
code." I counted you twice. I think my point still stands. If not, just 
what are those other 11 doing?

You have several people in that project. You are the only committer. All
of you are committers somewhere else, yet the project is here.

Explain why that makes sense.


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