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From Sam Ruby <ru...@apache.org>
Subject Re: excalibur-compatibility deadlock problem
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 17:35:19 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> nope! I've tried it on a couple of machines, and a normal 'ant test' 
> doesn't result in failure, whereas running GUMP (either completely or 
> using '/data/gump/bin/build excalibur-compatibility', which just 
> rebuilds the excalibur-compatibility project and nothing else) does 
> result in the failure. Which is real weird. Maybe it has to do with 
> using the cvs version of ant or junit.

There are a number of ways to debug this.

One is to simply:

   cd /data/gump/ant
   cvs update -D "2003/01/01"
   build ant
   build excalibur-compatibility

Another is to edit /data/gump/build.sh.  Search for 
"excalibur_compatibility;" (note underscore and semicolon).  Modify the 
classpath immediately below this line and rerun.

The second approach is great for isolating which jar caused the problem. 
  The first approach can then be used to isolate the individual commit.

As always, any changes you make will be cleaned up with the next run.

- Sam Ruby

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