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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Hierarchy.java
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 08:35:03 GMT

stop it already! This is not very efficient co-operation, is it? Break 
out of the disagreement loop and work on agreement, rather than driving 
things into conflict.

Peter, why don't you revert the change, bring it up for proposal, make 
your case once more, we can re-vote, and then can we /please/ just 
accept the outcome and move on.

Steve, take a break. We're not politicians. The moment we stop working 
together on a first-name basis I'm outta here!



- Leo

Stephen McConnell wrote:
>>>> Peter:
>>>> There was discussion on the subject of log listener related methods
>>>> prior to the release of logkit during which it was my understanding
>>>> that the add/remove listener was the preferred approach over a set
>>>> approach.     
>> Not preferred by me. Mind numbingly stupid I thought but that is to be 
>> expected when the people who are "designing" the functionality don't 
>> even know what the use case is.
> Mr. Donald,
> Given that the consensus established with this forum was to processed 
> with a add/remove even though this was not your preferred scenario 
> (ignoring the implication of the mind numbing stupidity that apparent 
> exists across this community), would you please consider this as my -1 
> on your change.  Should you which to bring this up for discussion I will 
> be more than willing to review this subject further and look forward to 
> your justification for the non-existence of the "add/remove" use case.
> Unfortunately, according to the policies and procedures we have 
> established within Avalon, "mind numbingly stupid" opinions still 
> count.

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