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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: cvs commit: avalon-excalibur/fortress/src/java/org/apache/avalon/fortress/impl/handler ComponentFactory.java
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 14:30:08 GMT

Leo Simons wrote:

> Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> Re: the following change to the Fortress ComponentFactory.java:
>>  +            final String message = "WARNING: " + 
>> m_componentClass.getName() +
>>  +                " implements the Composable lifecycle stage. This 
>> is " +
>>  +                " a deprecated feature that will be removed in the 
>> future. " +
>>  +                " Please upgrade to using Serviceable.";
>>  +            getLogger().warn( message );
>>  +            System.out.println( message );
>> Is this level of noise necessary.  Firstly, I think the System.out is 
>> uneccessary and has the potential to become annoying for anyone with 
>> large numbers of Composable components.
> +1. Printing messages to system.out is annoying in general; its why we 
> have logging :D
>>  Secondly, the log message at the level of "warn" seems to me to be 
>> excessive. I would consider a debug level log as much more appropriate.
> don't think so; debug is disabled in most production systems. Would it 
> make you happy if "that will be removed in the future" were to be 
> snipped?

Not really!

Look - we moved to a soft deprecation of Component and family because of 
the agrivation that the deprecation messages generated.  The changes 
above move that aggrivation to a system administrators - which is way 
worse because they don't care and should not care if its Servicable or 
Composable - they want Workable and Reliable.  They will set warn 
enabled as a indicator of a potential problem - however, this change 
will result in lots of repetative statements about a subject that is 
irrelivant to the user.

> We really do want our users to move away from Composable. How we 
> should tell them is a bit of a matter of preference. Some annoyance is 
> good :D

Create an ant audit task.  It goes over the *developers* code and spits 
out *one* and only one message to the *developer* stating that the 
codebase contains n occurances of classes referencing the deprecated 
component package and a URL to a page containing migration notes.

Cheers, Steve.

> cheers,
> - Leo
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Stephen J. McConnell

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