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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Minimal set of component attributes?
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 05:21:33 GMT
I have some rudimentary support for using attributes to represent
components and their roles.  The core mechanisms in Fortress have
not changed, but I am adding a new RoleManager that can read a
resolve components from several different jars automatically.

It will be used in my GUIApp system--but I want to put it in Fortress
before we release as well.  I want to mark the services and components
with a minimal set of attributes--which will get our users used to
added functionality in Merlin and Phoenix.

I can think of the following *core* attributes:

@avalon.service   -- Required for marking role interfaces.

@avalon.component -- Superfluous because I can cull all
                       the implementations of a service quite
                       easily.  Used in Merlin and Phoenix though.

@avalon.scope     -- Used to represent the scope of the component,
                       and consequently the lifestyle.  Values are
                       "container", "thread", and "request"

Non standard container specific attributes would be:

@fortress.configname -- The short name used for component configuration.
                          I would like to see this as an official Avalon
                          attribute because I feel strongly that the
                          simple name of a component's configuration
                          element should reflect a *type* (implementation)
                          and not an instance.  I am not willing to
                          fight a long battle on it.

@fortress.handler -- The fully qualified name of the component handler.
                       Used to access new variants or non-prefered
                       handlers.  The main three can be accessed via

Two of these are already a done deal, the only two to get feedback
on are @avalon.scope and @avalon.configname.

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