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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] lifecycle release
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2003 14:48:58 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:

> The framework is not being touched.

Then all my points where moot. Sorry for wasting your time over my 

> Ok - I have no problem with a reference to Merlin as a one-man-commit 
> effort. 


> Ok, technically I'm wrong - there are at least 3 others that 
> have comitted to Merlin and at least 6 that has submitted patches. 

Yeah, well, this doesn't count as a community-driven design methodology 
in my book. Hopefully it doesn't in yours as well.

> Bottom line - would I want it to be any different - yes and no. No in 
> that I have may hands full getting Merlin to a state where I am ready to 
> say to the rest of the Avalon Community "here it is, let's go". 

Nice to hear that.

> Until 
> that time I'm happy to be somewhat in control. 

Oh, I have no problems whatsoever in one person having control of a 
proposal for a new generation of software. I've done it myself several 
times and I've seen people doing it without creating community problems.

> But please recognize that 
> control is relative. Control in this context means multiple days 
> responding to the wims of the avalon community. Ok, yes - it would be 
> nice to have a couple of other comitters pumping away - but to be honest 
> - its just not stable enough at this time and they would probably cause 
> more work than assistance. Take for example the patches from Jörg to 
> internationalize the command line interface - the CLI logic has been 
> restructured and not the German language messages he submitted are 
> inconsistent with the behavior.
> To be really honest - a few more weeks is needed. The service access 
> mechanisms on the Block interface need top be finalized and there is a 
> bunch of documentation that needs to be updated. After that it's open game.

don't feel pushed. I don't want to push anybody, just to understand.

Now that my alarms set by misunderstanding are off and now that I was 
able to get people recognize that if a valuable committer has a problem 
with the technical issues involved the community should value his 
contribution (no matter what language he/she used to express it), I'm 
happy and I can go back to work.

Please understand that I don't have time/energy to follow deeply the 
technical discussions here on avalon-land.

I just want to make sure this community is happy and safe and healthy so 
that I can finally leave with lots of trust.

i'm getting more and more closer to that point.

And this is making me happy and it's a good thing.


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