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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] lifecycle release
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 11:10:12 GMT
Stephen McConnell wrote:
> Peter Donald:
> I would like to apologize for the remarks I made below.  As has been 
> correctly pointed out to me by several of the members here, my reaction 
> was inappropriate.  Furthermore - as a member of this community I now 
> regret making the remark as it is contradictory with the behavior that I 
> expect from others. As such, I would like to extend this apology to the 
> Avalon Community as well.

As part of thsi community, I welcome your apologies and accept them.

This project has been making progress around working together but there 
are issues unresolved:

1) solidify excalibur but stopping it to be a moving target

2) clarify the future of cornerstone

3) stop one-man-shows

                                - o -

Peter said he didn't like your solution because he thought it was a 
hack. Guess what, I agree with him.

No, please, don't piss in your wetsuite :) and don't get me wrong:

This project used to be the place where people discussed architectural 
issues about new paradigms that extended object orientation.

What happened to that?

Since reaching consensus on Avalon 5 was too hard, several of you are 
trying to push your ideas into the framework by working it thru your 
one-man-show container.

This is the problem and Peter appears to be the only one *really* 
watching over what's going on in this project. Probably because he's 
doing some sneaky moves himself so he's more sensible about them.

Sure, he uses his usual smartass tone that really used to irritate me, 
but I'm now able to sense his frustruation and I resonate with it.

One-man-shows have to stop.

*all* of them.

Please, and this is for everybody, work to reach consensus or leave.

The price to pay for having an apache label on top of your work is to 
work thru the rules of consensus, any sneaky move to route around the 
obstacles will next lead to drastic proposals from my side.

no, not the ASF board or the PMC chair, but a single avalon committer 
that will start proposing to kick offending *code* out of the avalon 


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