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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Lifecycle extension lifecycle order?? Was: avalon-excalibur/lifecycle/src
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 17:48:38 GMT

dvillevalois@phpapp.org wrote:

>Hi all,
>Your discussion remind me something that seems very important to me about
>lifecycle extension.
>As i see the two lifecycle extension interfaces, there is no mean to impose a
>specific order while applying the extensions. This means that a lifecycle
>extension provider has no mean to tell the lifecycle extension manager when it
>must be applied relatively (in time) to other extensions during a specified stage.
>(Example : Serviceable.service() before Initializable.initialize() even if they
>are at the same stage.)
>I think the combination of lifecycle extensions is a use case we must think
>about. For example in an attempt to implement core avalon lifecycle with the
>lifecycle extension mechanism you will need this kind of ordering specification.
>I would think the resolution of the order as a kind of incremental ordering
>while extensions are discovered (at the container *boot* time). This may be
>compared to the serialization of the order of some modules' compilation based on
>their respective dependencies.
>To conclude, i personally think the lifecycle extension mechanism needs to be
>more thought, even if i find it usefull and the portability it can provide for
>containers very attractive.

Hi Didier:

The concerns your raising related to phase ordering and aspects of how a 
container manages multiple handlers. These issue are not exposed under 
the current package - because they are container specific today.  I 
don't kown what the Fortress approach is off-hand, but the Merlin 
appoach when dealing with multiple phases in a single component is to 
apply stages in the same order as specificed in the component meta-info.  

For example, the Assembly package includes some demonstrations of a 
component type that declares multiple handler depedencies:

      <stage type="org.apache.avalon.playground.Exploitable" />
      <stage type="org.apache.avalon.playground.Demonstratable"/>

In the above example, the Exploitable stage handler will be applied 
first, followed by the Demonstratable handler.

Cheers, Steve.

>A+. Didier.
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Stephen J. McConnell

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