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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] lifecycle release
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 08:54:55 GMT
On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 06:23, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> > The JSR has not been made public but from the grapevine heres the scoop.
> > The metadata will be store in .class file as "class attributes". So it
> > will not require a JVM change but the utility files to load the metadata
> > will be in the next JVM. However that does not stop us developing our own
> > loader that parses the the .class files using BCEL.
> I see.
> But once you have that metadata inside your class, how are you going to
> find out something about it? introspection or direct bytecode manipulation?

direct bytecode manipulation pre jdk1.5. However we can also store metadata 
side by side class and load via standard classloader.

> Those sounds much less elegant than any instanceof() calls. What am I
> missing?

you can include rich metadata in here that interfaces can't handle. ie You can 
say method X is capable of being remoted, interface y is transaction aware, 
component y takes a service using key A of type B but it is optional etc.

> > @meta Fortress{lifecycle="ThreadSafe"}
> > @fortress lifecycle="ThreadSafe"
> > @meta org.apache.avalon.fortress.FortressMetaData("ThreadSafe")
> Ok, makes sense.
> do you think this is going to be enough for the metadata needs you
> foresee? just curious.

Mostly. Somethings are ugly. Essentially it gets ugly when you nest metadata 
greater than two levels and have repeating groups. However I have only needed 
that once and after going through the dot.net stuff and following xdoclet 
development I can see there is always work arounds. ie Rather than repeating 
groups xdoclet tends to design their tag schemas to use different prefixes. 


Peter Donald
Money is how people with no talent keep score.

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