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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject Re: Spice Dependency (was: RE: Spice License)
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 12:35:07 GMT
On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 20:42, Leo Sutic wrote:
>  1. Because the Avalon project voted that we should migrate to
>     Commons CLI and not Spice CLI. 


I would have vetoed any code change that led to that. I was opposed to 
the deprecation of a stable working library and would have blocked it if there 
was not support for migrating it out.

>     A more constructive approach
>     would have been for you to explain the problems with Commons CLI

As Noel pointed out I have pointed out the problems I have with it numerous 
times in the past.

>     and then ket us help you resolve them instead of going off
>     by yourself 90 degrees from the voted and decided path.

Actually Berin was supportive when I mentioned it the first time which is why 
I did it. (And I plan to do the same to parts of io as long as it remains 
deprecated and there is no high quality alternative).

The basic thing is that there is plenty of code in Avalon that was written by 
me and was basically only maintained by me. Some of it sucks, some is usable 
and some is good. If Avalon wants it out then I am more than happy to move it 
out and will do so. 

Given the fact that few people are willing to actually do any work in actually 
maintaining the majority oof these libraries I think it would best if they 
moved out anyways. 

Avalons track record wrt to stability and quality control is fairly piss poor 
except for framework/logkit/phoenix. Hell I have had my code broken 4 times 
in the last 3 weeks let alone any extended period. 

The problems in Avalon are far more than just interaction between me and 
Stephen. The problem occurs because people who don't contribute to a 
component/area but are more than willing to tell others what to do. Worse is 
when these changes are made but never maintained. I would love it if 
everytime someone voted or made a commit they were also giving a guarentee 
that they would support the change. 


Peter Donald
| An expert is someone who knows everything about the  |
| topic except for its place in the world.             |

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