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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [release plan] ECM and dependencies
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 21:47:29 GMT
Hi all,

sort-of "went through" ECM and dependencies. They look sort-of okay, 
except for instrumentation doc, which has some big "TODO" holes. I'm not 
too thrilled with the amount of docs for these packages but I don't 
think anyone actually cares for either reading or writing them so I 
don't feel like spending a lot of time thinking about that; it's not a 
showstopper for release if you ask me.

what we need now is documentation of all changes since the previous 
release (which was a long time ago ;), version number upping, and then 
some good ol' regression testing to see we haven't broken anything. I 
suggest Berin cuts an RC of ECM and friends as soon as framework is 
released, and cocooners and ECM users spend some time testing those. And 
I hope to get some gump runs working :/

Besides fixing the weird doc generation problem (if you gen docs for one 
project, all other docs you gen after that for other cocoon projects 
actually turn out to be the docs of that first project; I guess I broke 
that yesterday) and any broken links, we need to figure out how we want 
to do build our distributions. We could go for jar-only releases for 
stuff like i18n (which is just two classes, after all), otherwise the 
buildfiles need some updating. It's a bit difficult to ship a 
../depchecker.xml :D

Last big issue is with altrmi. We can either break our no-alpha-jars 
policy and ship v0.9.1 (which works quite well, mind you :D), or we can 
not ship the altrmi classes in instrument-manager and essentially have 
useless instrumentation packages. Or, perhaps altrmi is ripe for 1.0.
I can find arguments pro and con for all options; I'm not sure which is 

Finally, this is our "last chance" to move the instrument package into 
org.apache.avalon.framework space, if we want to do that. Last time we 
talked about it we didn't want to IIRC. Anything changed? From the 
perspective of the instrument package, it makes sense.

I don't plan to be behind my computer again till monday, so have a nice 
weekend :D


- Leo

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