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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Avalon Framework Release Plan
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 18:09:01 GMT
I stripped out and simplified lots of things.


didn't take too much effort. I didn't want to commit all these changes 
right now as I don't want to impact work others may have in the pipeline 
right now, and y'all might disagree with the simplifications I made.

Nicola, lemme know how you're doing with the docs.

You should get the idea from the zipfile. Basically something like

- rm -Rf src/xdocs
- cp -R proposal/avalon-forrest/src/documentation/content/xdocs \
- cp -R proposal/avalon-forrest/src/documentation/resources \
- rm -Rf src/documentation/skins \
   src/documentation/resources/schema \
   src/documentation/library \
- cp proposal/forrest* .
- cp tools/ext/logk* tools/lib
- rm -Rf tools/ext/
- mv tools/lib/* lib/
- mv logos ../jakarta-avalon-site/src
- rm -Rf src/diagrams (these need updating or removal)
- rm -Rf tools/lib/
- rm -Rf proposal
- rm $some_misc_cruft_I_forgot
- fix up buildfile

with on the todo:
- add back in announcement incidentally snipped
- developing with avalon
- missing licenses for a few jars

the big thing to notice is that everyting in tools/ext except for the 
logkit jar can go, and some stuff from tools/lib too, which cleans up 
nicely :D

I've got no time anymore right now to fix this properly but can do so 
tomorrow afternoon (gmt+1) if no-one beats me to it.


- Leo

Berin Loritsch wrote:
> Framework is fairly straightforward, and code-wise is pretty stable.
> However, all the site docs that are part of the Framework build not
> only make the build process longer than it needs to be, but throws
> far too many documents into the release.  Because of this the
> distributable is too large.
> By removing all the "proposal", "logos", "documentation", "diagrams",
> and "maven" source files out of the source distribution I cut the size
> in half.  I think we can make it even smaller with just the Framework
> docs.
> * Take all site documentation that is not directly framework related out
>   of Framework.
> * Integrate Framework's documenation with the site documentation
>   hierarchy
> * Decide wether to include the LogKit JAR file in the release.  We
>   can work without LogKit, users can download LogKit separately, and
>   we can lower the download size even more.

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