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From "Schaible, Jörg" <Joerg.Schai...@gft.com>
Subject RE: getting and building avalon from cvs
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 14:39:48 GMT
Hi Leo,

> # worksforme. Documentation and thus distribution generation is
> # currently broken for most excalibur projects. You can get
> # piecewise docs like javadoc using commands like:
> cd ../avalon-excalibur/fortress
> ant javadocs
> # until the docs that use cocoon are moved to fortress this will
> # remain broken.

This is totally in compliance with my message from this morning. The build breaks during "dist"
building the docs using cocoon. I helped myself with 

$ for a in */build.xml; do cd `dirname $a`; ant javadocs; cd ..; done

since the global build.xml of Excalibur has not javadocs target.


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