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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Assembly and meta stuff released ??
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 15:26:25 GMT
dvillevalois@phpapp.org wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm an Avalon new-commer. I do want my app container-independant. Sor i'm
> designing some lightweight lifecycle/lifestyle helper components for my
> container components. In order to implement them well, here are some few questions:
> * I would like to know the current status of the assembly and meta stuff that is
> in the avalon sandbox ?? I can see this is refactoring from work comming from
> the various home container. When do you plan to release it in the framework ?
> Does Phoenix, Fortress and Merlin plan to rebase their source code on it and when ?

Short answer: when it is done.
Longer answer: We have other things in the queue that we have to take
care of first--and then we can focus as a community on those libraries.

> * I can't find a clear recent road map for the whole Avalon project on the web
> site. I know you are in the process to move to avalon.apache.org but maybe i did
> not search enough. Do you have one ? What are the priorities ?

We have one, but we have not put up the document yet.

> * When will the Component stuff be depracated ??? This seems to be a long while
> this code is deprecated... The first time i looked for documentation, i began to
> implement a Composable component. Is there a documentation update process
> started ? Who can i join on this if i want to help ? What needs first to be
> updated ???

It already is deprecated.  All the rest of our documentation needs to be
updated.  Hopefully, this is done and we can get Avalon 4.1.4 released.

> Just a note in comment to an exchange on the list about Avalon on servlet or
> servlets on Avalon. I do agree the best way would be servlets on Avalon but the
> fact is there a need in the first solution. The reason : we can rarely change a
> hoster's software choices.
> Thanks for your help. A+. Didier.

Avalon is used within servlet environments all the time.  In fact one of
our more famous users is the Apache Cocoon project--which lives
completely in the servlet space.

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