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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Avalon Framework 4.1.4 RC 3
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:20:47 GMT

Peter Royal wrote:

> On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 01:06  AM, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> Wrapper classes (major)
>> -----------------------
>> The wrapper classes that that exist in framework are broken.  The
>> WrapperComponentManager takes a ServiceManager as a constructor argument
>> and when lookup invocations are made against the wrapper, the wrapper
>> returns Component instance "if and only if the object returned from a
>> lookup on the service manager is an instance of Component".  The wrapper
>> makes no attempt to proxy an Object as a Component.
> I have no problem with the wrappers the way they are. What you mention 
> is indeed a limitation, but they have known deterministic behavior. We 
> can create another project with proxying wrappers as you suggest if 
> needed.
> -pete


Not sure what you use-case is - but my understanding of the purpose of 
these classes is to aid migration from CM -> SM.  This means existing 
clients that implement Composable would be supplied with a 
WrapperComponentManager.  As different components move from CM to SM, 
they are going to appear as non-Component components - and with the 
current implementation - it will fail.  I don't think this is a very 
satisfactory solution because the behavior of the wrapper will be 
inconsistent with the behavior of a DefaultComponentManager or any other 
ComponentManager implementation.

Do you have a problem with these classes moving out of the framework and 
into a seperate jar?  At least if we do that we can make sure we have a 
complete migration solution.

Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

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