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From "Andrzej Jan Taramina" <andr...@chaeron.com>
Subject [AV5] Avalon and the Embedded Container project...
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 18:41:36 GMT
Just wanted to thank everyone for the insight into where AV5 might head and 
what AV4 might bring to the table to support an embedded container 
implementation for resource constrained micro-controllers.

I was specifically looking into the feasibility of using the Avalon Framework as 
the foundation for the Outpost/Embedlets open source project.

The conclusion I have come to is the that the Avalon container concepts were 
very valuable....but that the existing framework (and even what is faintly visible 
for AV5) is primarily focused on server-side implementations at this time, and 
thus would bring with it too much footprint overhead and component 
development complexity to be usable in the Embedlets project.  Avalon also 
assumes the existence of many Java features like threads, dynamic 
classloading, fully functional XML parsing and the like, which is not an 
assumption that is valid on many of the smaller devices that we are looking at 

So, the upshot is that the principles espoused by the Avalon Framework (and 
other frameworks like JMX for management services) will be adopted for 
Embedlets, but we will not use the Avalon implementations or code.

Maybe a year down the road, we should "compare notes and implementations" 
of Embedlets versus AV5 and see if there is some cross pollination that can 
benefit both sides.

The Outpost/Embedlets open source project is hosted at:


for those that might be interested in taking a peek.  We recently posted an 
Architectural Discussion document that is being refined into the overall 
architectural description of what Embedlets will be, and provides guidance to 
Container developers that might want to implement the Embedlet spec.

Any/all assitance, advice, opinions on where we are going is very welcome 
from those that might be interested in the implementation of a container for 
embedded devices.


Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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