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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject licensing issues and jars in Avalon
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 22:39:25 GMT
Hi peeps,

talks about this have been on the infrastructure, the community, the 
jakarta-general and the cocoon-dev list recently (and possibly other 
places as well I'm not tracking).

first of: IANAL and I hate having to worry about licensing issues. I'll 
be contacting Sun to complain about the rediculous complexity of their 


recent board decree (saw it first on the infrastructure list) 
(paraphrasing): the ASF must not distribute software packages (in any 
form) licensed under LGPL, GPL or Sun Binary Code License in any way.

Licenses which have been specifically identified as okay include IBM 
Public License and MPL. I assume ASL-style and BSD-style are also okay 
(relevant for our inclusion and redistribution of qdox, mx4j). Two 
public domain packages, namely DougLea's threadutils and antlr have also 
been marked as acceptable. But all this has not been stated as strongly 
just yet. An attempt is now underway to get this sorted.


What is more or less clear at this point is that the current setup I 
just put in place for avalon-framework where some Sun BCL code is 
downloaded from ibiblio is in breach of license (it won't work anymore 
either, as the problematic jars have been removed, so I guess it is 
already no longer in breach), whereas the setup we use in logkit (where 
the user must actively agree to the BCL license and download the code 
themselves) /seems/ to be acceptable.

I've identified the following jars in avalon CVS repositories which seem 
like they should be removed based on the information above:
	- checkstyle (jakarta-avalon-apps/tools/checkstyle-all.jar and
	  other places) (LGPL)
	- hsqldb (jakarta-avalon-apps/hsql/lib/hsqldb.jar)
	  (custom license)
	- jsch (jakarta-avalon-excalibur/altrmi/jsch-0-0-11.jar) (LGPL)

There are lots of jars all over the avalon CVS repositories for which 
the license is perfectly acceptable but not specified, for example of 
jars which are ASL-licensed, like xerces.

I am not done checking yet, but I believe none of the avalon 
distributions provide any of these potentially problematic jars.

I've found more than a few jars under "non-standard" BSD-style or 
ASL-style licenses, like jdom, mx4j, qdox, jing and isorelax which I am 
relatively sure are okay but IANAL.


I think we should remove the checkstyle, hsqldb and jsch jars. We should 
also make sure all "autofetch" functionality is only provided after the 
user has agreed to the applicable license. For the Sun BCL, the user 
must download and install the files themselves. For the "non-standard" 
BSD-style and ASL-style licenses we must take part in the effort to get 
this thing sorted and receive a green light from the board.


The board has asked that all apache contributors act proactively on this 
matter, performing an audit of ASF distributions, and taking part in 
clarifying and removing any licensing issues. I believe the goal is to 
get things clarified and settled within two weeks, in time for the next 
board meeting. Please follow-up on community@apache.org.


cheers & g'night,

- Leo

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