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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [GUMP] Build Failure - jakarta-avalon-logkit
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 14:12:23 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
>> compile:
>>     [mkdir] Created dir: /home/rubys/jakarta/jakarta-avalon-logkit/build
>>     [mkdir] Created dir: 
>> /home/rubys/jakarta/jakarta-avalon-logkit/build/classes
>>     [javac] Compiling 79 source files to 
>> /home/rubys/jakarta/jakarta-avalon-logkit/build/classes
>>     [javac] 
>> /home/rubys/jakarta/jakarta-avalon-logkit/src/java/org/apache/log/output/lf5/LF5LogTarget.java:61:

>> package org.apache.log4j.lf5.viewer does not exist
>>     [javac] import org.apache.log4j.lf5.viewer.LogBrokerMonitor;
>>     [javac]                                    ^
> This looks like a circular dependency?  (log4j and logkit)

circular? Why circular?

   <project name="jakarta-log4j">

     <ant target="jar">
       <property name="version" value="@@DATE@@"/>

     <depend project="jakarta-ant" inherit="runtime"/>
     <depend project="xml-xerces"/>
     <option project="jms"/>
     <option project="jmx"/>
     <option project="junit"/>
     <option project="javamail"/>

     <jar  name="log4j-@@DATE@@.jar"/>

     <nag to="log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org"
          from="Ceki Gülcü &lt;ceki@apache.org&gt;"/>

log4j doesn't depend on logkit.

>  Could this
> particular viewer be conditionally compiled based on the availability of 
> the LogBrokerMonitor class?

yep. That was in place, but it seems broken again now. Need to fix.

Nevertheless, looking at 

       [jar] Building jar: 

       [jar] Building jar: 

       [jar] Building jar: 

it seems like the log4j gump definition needs to be modified to also 
build 3 jars so logkit only needs to depend on the lf5 jar.


- Leo

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