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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: What to do with Sevak.
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:24:12 GMT

> so what about Sun's Java License? We're doing many imports of JDK public 
> APIs :)

I tend to agree.  However, for teh record, APIs provided by the compilation environment as
default are typically exempt from the complex licensing situations.  The GPL itself, however
amazingly viral, grants exemption from viral infection to all things provided by the default
compile out of the box.  Thus the Windows API as provided by VC++ does not have to be GPL
compatible in order for a so using application to be designated GPL.

In Java a great example is the SAX API.  Asit is shipped with the JDK, GPL software can use
via it. The direct import of org.apache.* into a GPL source file is verbotten. Via the SAX
API, it
is just fine - because the coder could late swap a GPL & SAX compatible XML parser.

Anyway, you ask abour rt.jar. Well, all license scenarios are typically generous for default
runtime APIs.  It is a different case for javax.servlet and other 'blessed' though.
For those that really want to study the gotchas of licenses, look at MS's .Net licenses -
runtime restrictions.

> Seriously, I don't want to spoil the party, but it sounds braindead to 
> me that we have to move our own, self-written code out of Apache, even 
> if everyone wants it to stay.

- Paul

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