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From Greg Steuck <greg-avalon-...@nest.cx>
Subject [patch] AbstractJdbcConnection.close to close statements
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 01:58:05 GMT
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Royal <proyal@apache.org> writes:

    >> The implementation will include a Vector (for synchronization) of
    >> Statements kept in AbstractJdbcConnection. The vector will be
    >> populated by createStatement, prepareStatement, prepareCall
    >> methods of AbstractJdbcConnection's descendants and all
    >> statements will be closed by
    >> AbstractJdbcConnection.close. Duplicate calls to Statement.close
    >> are safe according to java.sql javadoc. Thus, it is not necessary
    >> to track if a statement has been closed already and we don't have
    >> to create extra

    >> wrappers.

    Peter> Thats fine.

I implemented statement tracking like described above. I used LinkedList
instead of a Vector and documented the reasons in the patch. Could
somebody review and apply?

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