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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Use Maven as official build tool
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 22:44:27 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>3) 'compatible' with forrest
> If you mean the markup that could certainly be accommodated.

yep (mostly), the two concerns basically are:
- support for validation and transformation of document-v11.dtd & friends
- brain-dead simple to setup (maybe I'm weird, but I find using forrest 
braind-dead simple)

I would also like as much "positive community vibes" as possible between 
various projects, but that's got little to do with avalon.

>>4) stability, documentation, etc
>>I know for certain it satisfies (1). Maven has some cool technology, esp 
>>wrt (2), I heard something about maven incorporating its own integration 
>>tool instead of gump, but I also heard of efforts to get them 
> It's called Continuum and it has to be complete before March 3 for an
> internal deadline. So I hope to have it working before then.

will keep tracking then.

> It's certainly not alpha, there have been no fundamental core changes in
> quite a while. Most additions now are in the form of plugins.

cool. My "alpha" observation is based on the differences between "beta" 
3 (or was it 4?) (which I've used) and cvs head, and the differences 
seem enormous. Doesn't matter much of course.

>>Most people are currently running maven from cvs head apparently. I 
>>wouldn't be happy at all if we were to rely on a cvs version of a build 
>>tool. Just spells disaster.
> I certainly wouldn't try everything at once, but I made you guys some
> POMs and trying a few with HEAD wouldn't be that hard.

trying is cool. It's just that we want to do a bunch of releases, and 
the choice is between migrating before or after.

> The only show
> stopper with Maven right now is the release plugin (which you might
> definitely want to contribute to if you're planning releases)

will take a peek, or perhaps prod others :D


- Leo

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