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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Code Names
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 11:21:03 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> Ok.  So the migration path would be:
> Milestone 1:  ECM replacement (Codename: Fortress)
> Milestone 2:  Proper Meta Model (Codename: Merlin)
> Milestone 3:  Pluggable container (Codename: ?Uber Container?)
> Note that we might want smaller milestones between Merlin and Uber....

Drop the "uber"
I want the "uber container" term dropped from the planet. The "uber" 
part in "uber container" to many, many people is a direct reference to 
the "uber" in "ubermensch", which is a racist concept created by Hitler 
and the nazis. Being reminded is hurtful to many people, not to mention 
the very ugly association implicitly created between Avalon and WOII.

As an example of how strong the feelings are on this, if I were to have 
uttered "uber container" in my late grandmother's house, I would pretty 
much have been banned for life from her house and scrapped from her 
will. As another example, guys at work have described avalon as "sick 
bastards" (in jest, but nevertheless...).

I already proposed a different codename somewhere, I believe I called it 

Working title
Besides codenames, we need a working title for the project. I resent 
"Avalon Container", as there's more avalon containers than just this 
effort (for example EOB). I suggest a working title of

*Avalon ESCA*, the Avalon Extensible Scalable Container Architecture

Avalon will be focussing container development into two efforts. The 
first one is the creation of Avalon ESCA. To this end, most existing 
avalon container projects will refocus to be part of that goal.

The roadmap for this effort is roughly as follows:

Milestone 1:  ECM replacement (Codename: Fortress)
Milestone 2:  Proper Meta Model (Codename: Merlin3)
Milestone 3:  Phoenix Compatible (Codename: Phoenix5)
Milestone 4:  Profileable, pluggable container (Codename: Spearhead)

The second container development effort is the maintainance of existing 
released efforts with an existing userbase, ie phoenix. This will merge 
into the ESCA effort when there is an ESCA release compatible with those 
existing efforts.


   ECM --> Fortress --> Merlin3 --> Phoenix5 --> Spearhead --> ...
                           ^  ^          ^
                           |  :          |
    Merlin1&2 (unreleased)-|  :          |
    All other              |  :(synergy) |
       container dev code -/  :          |
                              :          |
Phoenix4 -------------------------------/



- Leo

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