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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject thoughts on gump & Avalon & dependencies
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:53:54 GMT
Hi peeps,

Bit of a rant below, but I felt a need to explain my comment about 
avalon being the gump problem child. If you haven't been ignorant about 
gump (like I was), don't bother reading on as you'll already know this :D

There's a few packages @ avalon which cause a lot of gump to fall down 
when they fail to build. The obvious example is avalon-framework. If it 
fails, almost every other gump target wrt avalon cvs fails as well, and 
that leads to many more projects failing, like james, cocoon, jmeter, 
ojb, and lots more.

Another such package is logkit. You can look at the ordering of the 
projects at http://cvs.apache.org/builds/gump/latest/ to figure out 
roughly how vital a link in the dependency process a particular package 
is (it shouldn't surprise anyone that ant and xerces lead the way).

Quite a few of the excalibur packages are high on the list as well. One 
that has been failing over the last few days a few times was AltRMI 
(because Paul's been doing refactoring. The gump failure was corrected, 
then more changes were introduced, and it broke again, fixed again, 
broken again). It was interesting to see what happened (I've been 
closely watching the process). Among the packages that fail to build 
because AltRMI doesn't build are most of excalibur, fortress, phoenix, 
cocoon, large parts of turbine, scarab, and more.

I think that's a lot! Things are qoing rather well (Paul's been good at 
catching the gump errors as he refactors, and doing stuff about it), so 
it is a mild annoyance to all those other projects.

Imagine if this goes on for weeks (as has been the case for a large part 
of excalibur for some time now). Not only are no nightly builds then 
available, it also means that as the build fails early on in the chain, 
it is not possible to find out why it might fail later, which can cause 
incompatibilities to arise between, say, turbine & scarab, which can go 
by unnoticed.

Imagine how much worse the situation gets when people do what we suggest 
(ie don't worry too much about a dependency on avalon) but the builds 
keep failing. Large parts of jakarta wouldn't build very well anymore.

That is why gump builds should always be a priority to any project that 
takes itself seriously.


- Leo

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