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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Containerkit
Date Mon, 06 Jan 2003 11:10:18 GMT
Paul Hammant wrote:
> Folks,
> This package is now in avalon-sandbox.  Given it is used in Phoenix, has 
> code that was refactored from Phoenix, I think it is best not to mark 
> this package with the 'alpha' status that sandbox affords.

Containerkit is not 'alpha' in the sense of code quality. It _is_ alpha 
in the sense of "we're not guaranteeing backwards compatibility on this 
stuff (we're not done yet with the meta model disucssion)".

As such I think it fits in sandbox.

However, if containerkit is used and needed in phoenix (looking at my 
current phoenix lib dir, it's not, but the info package in sandbox is, 
so the principal discussion is the same), and it's alpha state is 
hampering phoenix development (which is why you're posting this message, 
innit?), we need to find a way arround that.

> I'd like to see how people feel about ...
>  a) removal of containerkit from sandbox to some place more fitting

I think it fits where it is right now :D

>  b) absorbing of containerkit into Phoenix (giving it x.x.phoenix 
> packages).

Given the speed the "common ground" discussions are taking I think this 
is the best compromise. I am a bit concerned about later backwards 
compatibility (if the final "common meta setup" we agree upon deviates a 
lot from the one currently used in containerkit/info/phoenix, it'll be a 
lot of work to get phoenix to support both).

Given recent developments at work, it is unlikely I'll have the time to 
invest to do that conversion work (you might notice me working on 
fortress though ;), so I won't give a +1, but if there's enough peeps 
willing to commit to it, then I certainly don't have any other 
objection, and I'll give an as-supportive-as-possible +0 on option (b).

I would like to see the coupling between phoenix and a specific meta 
model kept as small as possible though, with the eye on easing migration 
to something else later.

I'd also like to see some notice in the phoenix documentation that 
although the meta materials are stable codewise (and supported as such), 
we're not too sure about some aspects yet and thus that there may be big 
changes in future versions (as we already know this, users should know 
too :D).

I do think a version of containerkit should remain in avalon-sandbox as 
there's stuff to harvest from it in the continuing "common meta setup" area.


- Leo

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