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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: http://avalon.apache.org/
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:23:20 GMT


Thanks a million for getting this done.

I would like to get some feedback and opinions about the Avalon webpages 
bacause I think now is the time to handle any restructing of approach, 
message, and so on.  I think the historical project oriented approach 
has left a lot of users confussed and has negivively impacted the take 
up on Avalon.  I would like to suggest we rethink the the subjects we 
are trying to comminicate and get down to some good old-fasshioned human 
engineering on our web site.

I see two distinct "views" of Avalon - a "products view" and a 
"functional view":

If I compare this with the old and current Avalon site I see total 
domination of of the Project/CVS view - Framework, Excalibur, 
Cornerstone, Phoneix, Apps, Logkit (horizontally and vertically). 
Content presention should not been driven by the CVS structure - instead 
content and structure should be addressing utility for the customer.

Imagine an an alternative layout

  |                 Avalon Home, Downloads, Documentation, Roadmap  |
  | Products         |                                              |
  |    Framework     |                                              |
  |    Containers    |                                              |
  | Facilities       |                                              |
  |    Utilities     |                                              |
  |    Components    |                                              |
  | Applications     |                                              |
  |------------------|                                              |
  | Avalon Home      |                                              |
  |   ...            |                                              |
  |   ...            |                                              |
  |------------------|                                              |
  |                                                                 |

After playing around with the tables concerning avalon products, I'm 
confident we can get into a scenario where the 
product/facilities/applications side of the site is automated bassed on 
project information (things like release status, package sdescriptions, 
version, cvs repository, etc.).  The same thing should apply to 
documentation and downloading.  The Avalon Home is much more handcrafted 
content - and roadmap should be something maintained that shows where we 
are and where we are going.


Cheers, Steve.


Stephen J. McConnell

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