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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Excalibur/Cornerstone/James woes
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:45:11 GMT


I agree 1000% with the objectives your outlining below - but I have an 
immediate priority which I'm going to address is a seperate email. For 
the moment, I would like move forward on what you have described below 
with the establishment of the following CVS repositories:

* avalon
* avalon-site
* avalon-components
* avaon-sandbox (already in-place)

Cheers, Steve.

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Stephen McConnell wrote:
> [...]
>> In order to resolve this problem I would like to import the modified 
>> James sources into avalon-sandbox to enable James and Avalon people 
>> to dig into this.
> Seeing that this was coming, I had suggested some time back to create 
> Avalon Components and have James friends be part of it.
> The proposal would be to make a avalon-components CVS module and move 
> there (or symlink) all the components in excalibur and Cornerstone CVS.
> Then unify the build of the two systems and give access to James 
> developers that are willing to help.
> It has been said that package names shouldn't change, and I agree. 
> This is just about moving the components in a single CVS space.
> It has also been said that it's a hassle for little gain. Well, in 
> fact it really seems so.
> So we could as well still make the Avalon Components subproject, have 
> access for James friends (and Turbine and others if/when needed), and 
> keep the two repositories for now. Basically the same gains without 
> the hassle. New components would go to excalibur, and our Avalon 
> Components project would have a double personality (e-c) till we get 
> to a completely unified component system.
> Now, this poses a problem though. Fortress is in excalibur, but it's 
> not a component, but a container. Given that we are uniting the 
> framework and the container under a single CVS module, and that 
> Fortress is the first step in that direction given the tentative 
> roadmap in STATUS, IMHO it could make sense to move it with the 
> framework in the new "avalon" repository. More practically, rename 
> jakarta-avalon to avalon, make jakarta-avalon, symlink to concrete 
> repo. Then move the Fortress dirs under "avalon".
> The bottom line: IMHO it would be a bonus for us if outer-avalon 
> project friends collaborate with us on the components, and the above 
> suggestion is just one possible way of doing it.
> Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


Stephen J. McConnell

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