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From Sylvain Wallez <sylvain.wal...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Keel framework
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:56:25 GMT
Shash Chatterjee wrote:

> .....and me too.  I've been here mostly as a Fortress question-asker 
> and a lurker...
> What did you want to know?  If you are interested in using Keel we can 
> definitely help out.  We're practicing making a release build now, 1.0 
> will be out soon. If you are interested in contributing, that is even 
> more welcome :-).

I'm interested into the abstract services you define, and of course 
having them implemented with existing projects.

Have you looked at Turbine, now that it's being avalonized ? There may 
be some synergy in the service definition area.

I'm pleased to see Avalon adopted by a growing number of projects, but 
now I'm starting to wonder about the service definition, as each one 
defining it's own service (e.g. authentication) doesn't help integrating 
components coming from various origins. Time for a more formal Avalon 
service repository ?

> We do have a mailing list you can subscribe to, pretty soon to split 
> into user/dev/annouce lists.

I wanted to browse the archives and wiki, but this requires prior 
registration, which will obviously refrain many people going further...

> Avalon rocks....we're very happy to use it as Keel's foundation.

Yep. Hope the project will soon come out of the dark period it's 
currently going through...


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