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From Stephen McConnell <mcconn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Updating James vis-a-vis Avalon
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:48:55 GMT

Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>>Who is wondering what he should do with the James tranformation of
>>CM to SM that he has on his machine?
>We'd love to have it, Stephen.  The only issue appears to be whether or not
>we want it before Avalon is ready to do a Release.  Related to this, Dion
>Gillard is working on the Maven setup for James.  He also needs us to have a
>clean set of Avalon JAR files.  Right now he's having trouble because of
>James / Avalon compatibility issues.

Yep - I noticed that (basically the same issues I've been dealing with 
this last week and the reson why I've been working up the product table 
this week):


>Serge's view, and I think there is justification, is that we want a Release,
>not another CVS dump.  I do see that Avalon (in the person of you, for the
>most part) is starting to do the preliminary work necessary.  Personally,
>since James v3 is in early development, I don't know that I would mind
>starting with a tagged CVS release that was considered by the Avalon PMC to
>be a Milestone build, but mine is just one vote.

The are a coule of steps:

   (a) getting out a release candidate (milestone build) of Cornerstone 
- this need Avalon an OK

   (b) getting a release together - this needs PMC which needs process 
which needs time

I want to get the changes off my machine and into James and from there 
start validation of operation within Phonix.  If there is a problem with 
Phoenix execution based on the Cornerstone CVS release - we jump in and 
fix Phoenix.  Once everything is working nicely - we move forward with a 
release.  But release has prerequisites - and there is as little 
housekeeping that needs to be done over on avalon first.  I would like 
to can to the point of validating a candate before we get into the 
release process - and that means getting this stuff into James HEAD.

>My suggestion is that you propose to us that you submit your patches
>concurrent with such a Milestone from Avalon, and let us vote on it.  This
>is important for Maven, too, since they would put your version labeled jars
>into their central repository.

Sounds reasonable - I will make a proposal on Avalon for RELEASE 
CANDIDATE (milestonte) status of the Cornerstone jars. If that flows 
through - I'll make a proposal to James to ramp up to the RC jars. 
Assuming that that flows though - we put in place validate of deployment 
of James on Merlin and Phoenix - we solve any problems that arrise. 
 After that - you guys give the green light for a release to Avalon - 
following which I'll persue a process of release (taking into account 
all of the the dependency considerations).

>On a related topic, I've no problem with Avalon keeping store.  I was just
>pointing out that Peter Donald has commented that he thought it ought to be
>moved to James.  Right now we do have our own (fixed) copy of the file store
>implementation, since it was broken, and we were told to fix it in copies of
>our own so that it could be removed from Avalon.

I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about all of this - I don't have a 
good idea about what is wrong - I don't know if James is the only user 
of this or not - and I don't like the fact that I don't know where we are!!!

But I do want to resolve this.

In the meantime:

   Step 1: Avalon OK on a RC status on the Cornerstone build.

   Step 2: James OK on migration to RC and CM --> SM migratiton.

I'll get started on step (1).

Cheers, Steve.

>	--- Noel
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Stephen J. McConnell

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