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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Useful feedback [was: Spice & Avalon synergy]
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 01:29:30 GMT
Paul Hammant wrote:
> Can people please stop beating Peter so hard .... or at least in this DDOS manner.  

I personally feel very much insulted by his 'play it smart with words' 
replies and I don't think we are beating somebody hard if we are 
*asking* very simple questions that require a yes/no answer.

Paul, you've always been concerned about protecting him, why do you 
think he's not good enough to protect his own interests? why do you 
think Peter is not able to reply to those very simple yes/no questions?

You seem also to fear "will I be next?".

But what if Peter wants to keep all this things mysterious so that he 
can keep up the FUD that makes you (and potentially others) feel sorry 
for him?

Think about it.

I'll tell you what: when Sam told me (in real life, at apachecon) about 
what happened, I felt sorry for Peter. I also wrote him an email 
personally asking how he felt.

Then I tried hard (on this list) to make him realize that it was his own 
best interest to resolve things in public, on this very list.

His move: play smartass.

Result: I can't find myself feeling sorry for him anymore.

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <stefano@apache.org>

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