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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Spice & Avalon synergy
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 09:10:24 GMT
Hi gang,

seems like some peeps are thinking about moving some packages they've 
been (helping) maintain(ing) @avalon elsewhere (Peter Donald said:

 > It may be best to move [containerkit] into spice when that gets setup
 > correctly. Theres a few people using different parts of it but because
 > it is alpha we should be able to move it relatively easily. I think
 > that in time parts will spin off into other products as they mature
 > but until then we can go the big ball of mud approach.

recently.) Rather than waste time bickering about that or getting into 
an emotional argument first, I'd like to get productive right away and 
talk about whether we're going to have the spice peeps fork stuff in 
avalon cvs or if we are going to just donate if appropriate, and 
cooperate. I prefer the latter.

If y'all agree, I suggest the spice peeps try 'n figure out which avalon 
projects they feel would have a better home over @ spice, draft a 
proposal, come and discuss it with the avalon peeps over here, and we 
might be able to work things out without setting any more bad blood.

If the spice peeps want to wait until 'that gets setup correctly', I 
suggest we just hold off discussion until they're ready.

good idea?


- Leo

PS: could you add the spice list to gmane?

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