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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Remove all author tags from all source code files
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:51:11 GMT

> So author tags are what makes you contribute?

It is one of the reasons. A significant one. Love of code is formeost.
> You mean that author tags are your reward for contributing? This is 
> exactly what IMHO should not happen.

It might be the sole reason for others to send patches.  They are not applying for Apache
committer status, just hanker for some small name-in-lights moment.
> > Is it not time we stopped damaging this community. Oh, and this is damage, you are
> steam-rolling
> > over the feelings of others.  It was *completely* unecessary to suggest this. 
> We have already "decided" somewhat to do it. I want to know if it's 
> really what we want or not, hence a vote to clear up things.

No we did not.  We voted on A-F.  
>  > Just becuase you
>  > are PMC chair does not mean you have to invent things to do.
> Please calm down.

This is horrific. You are pushing me out.

> > I am amazed that so many people have voted in favor.  I emplore people to switch
their votes.
> There was a discussion on the incubator list about @author tags.
> I was the almost only one that tried to say that there is value in them. 
> A month passed, and I changed my mind.
> I'm amazed that some are so tied to them.

Well then Nicola, we are exact opposites.


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