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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Sevak / Jetty / Serviceable
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:31:32 GMT
> >> Ok... so who is going to call that deploy() method? And when?
> >>
> > You do, whenever you like ...
> > 
> >  class MyBlock implements Serviceable {
> >    pub void service(ServiceManager sm) {
> >      Sevak sevak = sm.lookup(Sevak.ROLE);
> >      sevak.deploy(blah, blah blah);        }
> >  }
> Paul, I'm not looking for code, I can write that myself :)
> My problem is that I don't understand the high-level concept.

Sevak is a block. It can be used from other blocks. With it you can (in code) mount webapps.
webapps can have servlets that are perfectly ordinary except their implementing of Serviceable.

Depending on which deploy(..) method you used, you will have a servlet that has access to
service manager.
> > Configuration as per normal blocks.
> > 
> > Not wishing to be rude dude, a lot of the regular sevak stuff can be 
> > gleaned from the sevak demos ...
> > 
> >   'ant -f sevak.xml sar'
> Sorry Paul, but you keep referring to things in a non-formal way and I 
> am lacking the extra context knowledge to make a connection between what 
> you say and some object in the real world. For example:
> I don't have a sevak.xml, just a jetty.xml and I built that SAR. It's 
> called sevak-jetty-demo.sar and it does NOT contain any of the code you 
> are referring to :)

You are right in that it is jetty.xml that I meant.  I referred to this CVS depot becuase
it has
teh necessary config.xml that will help you understand how to select a port.  That was what
question concerned.

- Paul
> > Sevak doing Serviceable servlet deployment in action can be seen in the 
> > EOB application.  Journey to Sourceforge's CVS to see it.
> Ok, that is a non-formal pointer I can probably map to something real ;-)
> Thanks for your help,
> Ulrich

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