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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject Re: custom metatdata attributes
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 05:18:41 GMT

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 03:09, Jakob Praher wrote:
> as we (Leo and I) have talked about custom metadata attribute support
> for java lately, I wanted to know whether this should be done inside
> avalon, or should be delegated to another (jakarta) project.

Depends on where you want to do it ;)

However if I was you I would wait till the end of January before you start on 
it. Rickard Oberg is planning to release his version of runtime attributes + 
aspects sometime mid-january. Hes one of the initial contributors to XDoclet 
IIRC and thus it is possible that it will become a defacto-standard 
overnight. Then again it may not ... and the release has yet to be done ;)

I believe the XDoclet people were also creating XRAI product that did the same 
thing for XDoclet2 - not sure on it's status.

> if inside avalon, I was wondering what approach towards implementing
> them should be taken. (class augmentation, manifest files, ...)

There is a few ways of doing it. The best/easiest I have found so far is a 
binary file that sits next to .class file and contains the attributes. So if 
you have a 


you end up with a 

com/biz/Foo.meta or com/biz/Foo.atr or com/biz/Foo.tags or whatever

> I am curious about your opinons, and I am interested in helping with the
> implementation.

If you can hold off then I would recomend you do that. However if you want to 
have a bash at it imediately then there was previously a project called 
metaclass in jakarta-avalon-excalibur. However it ended up moving out and is 
still undergoing devellopment. If you are interested in that contact me and I 
will send you the details. 


Peter Donald
 The fact that nobody understands you doesn't 
 mean you're an artist.

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