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From "Peter M. Goldstein" <peter_m_goldst...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Excalibur/Cornerstone/James woes
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 03:18:23 GMT


> Note - I have just updated the corenerstone.xml buildfile (in CVS - now
> references excalibur-pool-1.2.jar).

Ok.  Will update and rebuild.  See my many messages to Avalon-dev about
build issues in Excalibur and Logkit.  Once those were fixed, I built
Cornerstone without a hitch.
> Two things here:
>    1. the exception handling in Merlin had a bug in that it was not
> passing the causal exception and as such the error report is not so
> helpful.  This is now fixed and some of the related error message have
> been brushed up.

Ok.  That will probably make analysis of issues easier.
>    2. my guess is that you didn't update xinfo files contianing
> references to the *.service.datasource" to the ...s package name.  This
> would cause the assembly stage exception (which would a lot clearer
> based on the updates in Merlin I've just mentioned)

That is correct.  I have now updated my source.

> That should not have happen - have made some changes in Merlin - but
> anyway its not central to the James deployment question.

Ok.  Sounds good.

> I confident the issue is inconsitentcy in the packkage names for the
> "...service.datasources".  Also the updates on Merlin should make things
> clearer what is happening.  IIf you want to see what is happening inside
> Merlin - go into the kernel.xml file and look for the fololowing
> categories defintion and set it to DEBUG instead of INFO (and you will
> get a lot more information about what is or is not happening).
>    <categories>
>       <category name="/sys" priority="INFO"/>
>    </categories>

Going to see if I can get this done tonight and see what I get - maybe yes,
maybe no.

> >
> >Now, onto Phoenix.  I've built a sar file out of the latest and greatest
> >files, and am having issues deploying it in Phoenix 4.0.3.
> >
> >When I try and use the excalibur-thread-1.1 in this version of Phoenix,
> >nothing works.  This is kind of what I expected from Peter D.'s earlier
> >comments, so I wasn't surprised.
> >
> >
> I didn't have any problems (build against excalibur thread 1., replaced
> Phoenix thread jar with 1.1 and everything worked OK).

Did you rebuild Phoenix, or just the james.sar?  I used an out of the box
Phoenix 4.0.3 distribution, as much as I enjoy rebuilding most of Avalon
with every change. :)  Because I definitely encountered an issue when I just
rebuilt the james.sar and replaced Excalibur-thread-1.0.jar with

> Yep - there seems to be a problem in Phoenix concerning extension
> handling. I've already committed updated to the cornerstone build
> procedure to disable the extension depedency declarations.  It seems
> that Phoenix is not considering the jar files that are loaded from the
> sar lib as extension candidates.  Anyway - with the current
> corenerstone.xml based build - you will not have this problem.

Ok, I'll let you handle the Phoenix issue.

> >i) We need a version of Phoenix that runs with the Excalibur-thread-
> 1.1.jar,
> >but that is reasonably stable (4.0.4?)
> >
> I agree - but my hunch is that there will be a few other updates for
> 4.0.4 relating to getting the Excalibur releases done (e.g. pool 1.2,
> configuration 1.0, etc.).

Yes.  Phoenix 4.0.4 should use all stable, release Excalibur stuff.  That'd
be good.

> >ii) The DefaultThreadManager patch needs to be fixed
> >
> It is fixed - not following you here.

Right now the DefaultThreadManager passes maxThreads, maxThreads for the
minimum and maximum parameters.  Should be passing minThreads, maxThreads.

> Switch on DEBUG for the "/sys" category and what you will see will
> explain a lot.
> Secodly - once we have something running I'll talking a lot more about
> packaging and deploying a james block - basically a deployment unit that
> hides all of the assembly and config and structures it as a single
> component.  That will introduce questions about what services are
> exposed, and a lot of stuff about mailet registration and so on.  This
> is only the starting point .. :-).

> >Or take my code base
> >and figure out what needs to be done to make it run in Merlin.
> >
> I think its a good idea - can you email it to me?

Can this email address take a large (~7MB I think) file?  Let me know
offline and I'll send.

> My position on this is that we should be using the standard extension
> mechanisms - but I'm going to have to dig into Phoienix to gfigure out
> what is broken.  Once that it resolved - getting jar depedencies
> documetation can be done formally in the manifest.

My position on this is that as a client of Avalon/Phoenix/Merlin I shouldn't
have to worry about this.  Conceptually, I agree with you.  But I'm more
focused on getting it all working and extracting myself from some of this
Avalon stuff.


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