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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@citi-us.com>
Subject RE: Useful feedback [was: Spice & Avalon synergy]
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2003 17:26:16 GMT
> From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@apache.org]
> Berin:
> This is not a personal attack - it's an observation. Yes - I 
> have been 
> the subject of Peter Donald's personal attacks - but I am not 
> alone

The spirit behind the words and the phrase you gave made it look
like a personal attack to me.  I am sure I am not the only one.


> Peter Donald can be a dangerous commodity - and I feel obliged to 
> address this. I am somewhat privileged in that I am in a 
> position where 
> I can deal with the public slandering, accusations, innuendoes put 
> forward by Peter. There are many other members of this and other 
> communities that cannot sustain the type of abuse that Pete can so 
> eloquently creates. So long as Peter constrains himself to 
> the subject 
> of technical matters - you will not see any issues from myself 
> concerning his personal opinions. However - when Peter puts forward 
> assertions relating to his moral position I will take him up on his 
> assertions - why - because the damage he has done in the past to 
> individuals and communities is unjustifiable ... because 
> someone has to 
> stand up and say to Pete that enough is enough.

I will repeat what I have said many times: _you_ are not that person.
You are not the ASF board, you are not the president of that board,
and you are not in a position of authority in this matter.  If Peter
were your employee, it is clear that you would have fired him long
ago.  However, he is not your employee, he is your colleague.  As
such he deserves a level of respect.

Furthermore, the Avalon community is very aware of the rift between
you two.  You cannot be unbiased or unswayed by the past even if
you wanted to.  The only reason I am posting this to the list instead
of directly to you is because you are spilling dissention on the
list.  It has to stop.  Trust the ASF board in the way that they
choose to handle things.  They are willing to look like the bad
guy, and they have done a very good job of managing not only what
is said, but more importantly *HOW* it is said.

My point is this: be careful how you communicate.  Email does
not provide alot of context where jokes that would be taken that
way in person would be taken as insult in email.  Do not respond
right away.  Ask yourself if your posting helps to heal the
community or it tears it apart.

We can continue this off the list for further exchanges.  Bear in
mind that I am neither defending Peter, nor am I attacking him.
I am addressing the the manner in which you are communicating which
is not being helpful.  Let the board do their job.

If you want to converse more on the matter, talk to me off list.

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