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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@citi-us.com>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Adjusting the PMC Voting Procedure Text
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 21:53:51 GMT
Leo Simmons has listed a number of valid points, and even a draft
proposal to simplify the text of the PMC Voting Procedures.
I have taken his draft, and played with the wording to make it
even more readable.

I would like to persue this, and come up with a document we can
all live with.

On the WIKI at:



= PMC Voting Procedures =

This document details how the Avalon PMC has agreed to handle voting.
Should this document conflict with official ASF policy, please notify
pmc@avalon.apache.org so that they can make the proper changes.  ASF
policy will always supercede this document.

== People Involved in the Voting Process ==

=== The Proposer ===

The proposer is the one who comes up with the discussion that needs
to be addressed.  The proposer will follow the procedures listed
under the heading "Prior to the Vote".

=== The Vote Administrator ===

The vote administrator is the person who tallies the votes and
reports the results back to the developer list.  The person who
actually puts a proposal up for vote is usually the vote
administrator, although this task can be taken on by someone

=== The Voter ===

A voter is someone who expresses support or opposition for the
subject being voted on.  For a voter's vote to count, he must
be qualified.  All voters must either be a committer on the
Avalon project or an Avalon PMC memebr.  Certain types of votes
require that the voter be a PMC member.  The different types of
votes are detailed in the section "The Vote".

== Prior to the Vote ==

Before any vote can take place, the subject must be discussed with
the larger Avalon development community.  All such discussions take
place on the Avalon developer mailing list, and have the text
"[PROPOSAL]" in the subject line.  That practice alerts the developers
to the fact that you eventually intend to call a vote on the subject.

== The Vote ==

When the proposal is ready to be adopted by the community, the
Proposer will call for a vote.  All votes occur on the Avalon
developers mailing list, andhave the text "[VOTE]" in the
subject line.  That practice alerts the developers to the fact
that the prior proposal is now ready to vote on, and discussion
should stop for the proposal.

=== How to Vote ===

The voter responds to the original call for vote with an
expression of support, opposition, or abstaination.  The
exact way to express the voter's position is listed below:

* +1  a vote supporting the subject
* +0  a vote abstaining from the subject, but showing some support.
* -0  a vote abstaining from the subject, but showing disapproval.
* -1  a vote opposing the subject

Because a vote has already been discussed by the community,
the voter who expresses a vote of -1 is required to provide
a detailed explanation as to why the voter opposes the
subject.  That explanation needs to list any steps that the
proposer can take to make the voter change their position.

=== Counting Votes ===

The vote administrator will count only the last vote from
each voter.  That means a voter may change their vote at
any time during the duration of the vote.  It is the vote
administrator's duty to make sure that the voter is
qualified to make a vote on the subject.  The qualifications
are listed under the sub heading "Types of Votes".

=== Types of Votes ===

The PMC may vote on any number of procedures.  It is not
the PMC's role to affect the technical direction of the
Avalon project, but its procedural direction.  There are
two classes of votes: a Qualified Majority Vote and a
Normal Majority Vote.

==== Qualified Majority Vote ====

Any vote that affects the PMC charter, affects the rules that
govern the PMC is a Qualified Majority Vote.  For this type
of vote to pass, it requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority of
voters who are PMC members.  Input is appreciated from
committers and all other members of the community, but only
votes from PMC members are counted for this type of vote.

==== Normal Majority Vote ====

All votes that do not fall under the heading of Qualified
Majority Vote are handled as a Normal Majority Vote.
Examples of PMC actions that fall under this heading include
creating new CVS repositories, or creating or merging mailing
lists, but it is not limited to just those activities.
All committers will vote on the subject, and if it passes
with more than half (1/2) of the voters support, the PMC
members will ratify it.  If it passes the PMC vote with
more than half (1/2) of voters supporting it, then the
vote has passed.

=== Voting Qualifications ===

In order for any vote to be considered binding, it must
have proper representation, and be held for the proper
amount of time.

==== Representation ====

For all votes, there must be at least three (3) voters.
For PMC level votes, there must be half (1/2) of the PMC
making some vote.

==== Duration ====

All votes will last for at least a week.  If there is
not enough representation within the first week, then
the length of time will be extended for one additional
week.  If the vote still does not have enough support,
then the vote is considered failed.  The proposer can
choose to bring it up later when proper representation
is available.

== After the Vote ==

When the vote is closed, the results of the vote are
summarized by the Vote Administrator.  The vote
administrator will send an email to the Avalon
developer's list with the text "[VOTE-RESULT]" in the
subject that has the summary.  The summary will include
the count of all +1, +0, -0, and -1 responses, and
the final verdict of whether the subject passed.

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