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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@citi-us.com>
Subject [A5:Proposal] Where do we put stuff?
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 15:01:18 GMT
I would like to unify where all current stuff for A5 proposals
go in CVS.  Some of it is code, but we have two places where we
can place things.

I Propose that we place all A5 stuff in avalon-scratchpad for
the time being.  The full location would be
${avalon-scratchpad}/avalon5 and would reflect how we might
want to model the new Avalon project structure when we
get our "avalon" CVS/SVN repository.

It is important that we have a place for non-document ideas,
which means it would definitely not be a match for the Wiki.
It would also lighten the load on the jakarta-avalon CVS

I think we have some differing viewpoints on how and what
should move ahead and when.  In regards to Avalon 4.x, I
think we are on board with Fortress release then Merlin
release.  As well as maintaining Phoenix in the time being.

Any thoughts?

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