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From "Noel J. Bergman" <n...@devtech.com>
Subject RE: Context: usage recommendations?
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 22:17:03 GMT
> In Avalon 5 we can revisit if there needs to be any real distinction
> between them.

The last thing you said is the first thing I think we need to agree upon.
ALL of this discussion is for Avalon 5, at least from my perspective.  This
is predicated upon having the freedom to approach it cleanly.  I am not
saying anything at all about Avalon 4 and changes to how that works.

> Keep in mind that we can view certain services such as
> getResource(), and getPhysicalDirectory() in Servlets as a
> way to provide a namespace to an underlying data structure
> like a directory.

ServletContext and others are tightly tied to a specific semantic
environment.  I discard that notion immediately because Avalon needs a
generic solution.  In my model, context provides no services by itself.  It
provides a binding to whatever services are made available technically and
administratively to the component receiving the context.  This is more like
the way JINI works.

Thus, if "Startup and shutdown services are *bad* and invite abuse", you
don't provide them.  In the case of James, the only component that would be
given a "process control service" in its context would be something like the
RemoteManager, which applies access control.

> We cannot guarantee access of user defined objects accross
> containers.

In your model, components using the ServiceManager need to account for this,
anyway.  The whole point here is that there may not be, in Avalon 5, a need
to distinguish between Context and ServiceManager as two separate

So we can end where we began.  The discussion is about Avalon 5.  And we can
defer this, as per your other message, if you want everyone to focus only on
the PMC issues until those are put to bed.

	--- Noel

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