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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: MethodClosure (BCEL Delegator implementation)
Date Sat, 21 Dec 2002 18:52:31 GMT

> > The commons people are busy putting dependancies on CommonsLogging
> > into things. Its cursing AltRMI now because of a dependecy on
> > Attributes and HttpClient. Should we really be a in a rush to
> > donate components?
> Paul,
> when we donate comonents there is an implicit trust that the receiving 
> project will evolve the code in the spirit of the original and keep in 
> mind that the code just received is a dependency for some other 
> project. That's the downside of donating code. The upside is that 
> unless we do donate code, the scope of Avalon will start growing. The 
> dependencies created can also be seen as something good, as it forces 
> cooperation among Apache projects.


> That said, I'm worried about the inclusion of Commons logging into 
> everything, as (if I understand it correctly) it isn't IoC, thus 
> forcing the whole system into using Commons logging. Could you be more 
> specific about in what way AltRMI is suffering? If we're going to talk 
> to the Commons Logging people to see if a compromise can be reached 
> (and I think we should), it would help to have a list of issues.

AltRMI suffers because it uses 'Attributes' and 'HTTPClient' .  Both of 
these use CommonsLogging.  The former only uses if for a single (rare) 
warning.  It is my opinion that highly reusable beans should not log at 
all.  They either throw exceptions or carry on without logged output. 
 If there is an intermediate state of 'warning' then some other API is 


- Paul

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