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From Neeme Praks <ne...@apache.org>
Subject [fortress / excalibur] JDK 1.2 dynamic proxies: implementation question, to CGLIB or...
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 08:11:15 GMT

When implementing dynamic proxies for JDK 1.2, we have two choices:
1. I have cooked up an implementation for generating dynamic proxy 
classes with BCEL, but it still needs some more work to make it ready 
for production use.
2. use CGLIB (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cglib). CGLIB has more 
robust implementation of dynamic proxies with all the support 
infrastructure (also uses BCEL). Plus, they have some other advanced 
functionality as well (support for proxying any non-final java class, 
not just interfaces, Enhancer - intercept all method calls, Delegator - 
combine any number of objects into one big object and delegate the 
method calls).

I would personally prefer to use CGLIB. They have Apache license, so the 
legal issues should not be an obstable.
If we choose to use CGLIB, then I would most probably try to help them 
out, to test and document their code more.

BTW, does anyone know about the line I would in CGLIB build.xml file?:
"cglib"  was   "simplestore" component of the Jakarta Commons Subproject
Was it really part of Jakarta Commons? Why did it leave?
I would really like to have that project under Apache umbrella, under 
BCEL or whereever. BCEL doesn't seem to have much of community so it 
would make sense to move it there, to increase the community (there are 
currently 4 developers working on CGLIB) and provide some useful 
implementations on top of BCEL... Or am I just dreaming here...?

bcel-dev seems to be almost dead (and I thought that Avalon had 
community issues), my speculative proposal to investigate the 
possibilities for merging these two projects did not receive any 
response from BCEL developer(s)...


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