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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: gump entry for containerkit
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 06:53:37 GMT


>Now, Paul probably has his fingers poised to reply, "Dude, there is no
>Avalon.  There is Avalon-Frameworks, Avalon-Phoenix, Avalon-Cornerstone, and
>...", and that is the problem.  From another way of looking, there is only
>Avalon, and multiple packages that it ships.  Avalon should bee responsible
>as a community for all of the changes it makes, and the changes it imposes
>upon client code.
That may be true, but PLEASE stop using the term Avalon like it were a 
jar. Newbies pick up on and use it further.  

We try to be responible.

>In any event we are pretty current on Phoenix.  We are backlevel for the
>moment on Cornerstone.  Since we are trying to put out a Release Build, we
>have been reluctant to make the change until that is cut.
Peter did some investigation (after we were pasted and pasted each other 
in the list) and was fairly sure that the Composable->Serviceable issue 
should not ultimately affect JAMES because the Phoenix implementation of 
Serviceable returns Components (capaital C) even when the service 
offered did not. Some careful use of casting is what was needed.

>We'll do the update.  For one thing, I'd like that fix I posted for the
>thread pool limits.
If we have not applied it, could you repost.. ?

- Paul

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