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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Proposal] PMC Resolution Voting Process
Date Sun, 08 Dec 2002 18:07:51 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> "layman" version of the text below; I think this is for all practical
> purposes the same but it reads a little easier (the trick: use a
> 1000-word vocabulary ;). If it is indeed the same for practical purposes
> (Steve?) then I'm happy with the proposal I think.
> Could someone please compare these procedures with the ones the board
> follows (Steve)? The only obvious difference I see is the time scale
> (for the board I believe the time scale is "one board meeting"). But the
> board always follows 1/2 majority vote, no?
> cheers,
> - Leo
> PMC Voting procedures
> ---------------------
> (a) Prior to the voting
> votes are handled through e-mail. They only take place after that what
> has been voted upon has been discussed and people have had a chance to
> say their says. Votes are clearly identified as being votes by marking
> the subject field of the e-mail with "[VOTE]". This to make the
> difference between a vote and other discussion quite clear.
> (b) Representation
> A representative part of the PMC needs to vote on a proposal for it to
> be valid. This representative part is called quorum, and quorum needs to
> be at least three (3) and not less than half of the PMC members (50% of
> the PMC members, rounded up to the nearest nonfractional number).
> (c) Conventions
> Voting on matters placed before the PMC is restricted to the members of
> the PMC. Votes may be expressed in support, opposition, or abstention in
> accordance with the following conventions:
>        +1  a vote supporting the motion
>        +0  a vote of supportive abstention
>        -0  a vote of non-supportive abstention
>        -1  a vote opposing the motion
> A member may vote multiple times. The last vote is the vote that counts.
> (d) Qualified Majority Vote
> Votes on modification to and amendment of the PMC Charter or on
> modification to or amendment of this document require a 2/3 majority.
> (e) Normal Majority Vote
> Votes that do not fall under (d) require a 1/2 majority.
> (f) Vote Duration
> Voting is normally open for one week. If quorum (see (c)) is not met
> within that week, the voting remains open one more week, but no more. As
> soon as quorum has been met in that second week, the vote is closed. If
> quorum is not met after that second week, the vote is considered failed.
> (g) After the voting
> After a vote is closed, the results of that vote are summarised in an
> e-mail where the subject field is marked with "[VOTE-RESULT]".

I *love* it!

Very respectful of our international community.

Big +1 to write every PMC stuff this way!

Stefano Mazzocchi                               <stefano@apache.org>

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