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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Charter.txt
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 23:12:25 GMT
>> Back to the discussion on procedures for the PMC.  Based on the emails 
>> so far, it seems to me that there are a three proposals that meet both 
>> our objectives.
>>  Noel has suggested a majority voting process that is based on
>>  the Board process that includes the notion of quorum based on
>>  Apache bylaws Section 5.8. Quorum and Voting (i.e. 50% of
>>  PMC members).
>>  You have also suggested a qualified majority (2/3) process that
>>  also includes the notion of a quorum.  In an earlier email you
>>  referenced quorum in relation to Apache bylaws Section 3.9
>>  dealing with general members (i.e. 33% of the PMC).
>>  A third proposal from Sam Ruby is based on auto-PMC-membership,
>>  majority voting rules and presumably a fixed quorum of 3.

Looking at the three proposals, can we take pieces from all?

* Auto PMC membership for committers who have been active for
   at least six months.

* Charter and Bylaw voting time period is a week

* A motion passes with 2/3 majority vote of quorum

* In the event that quorum cannot be met, voting remains open
   until quorum is met.

* Size of quorum shall be [insert your percentage here], with
   a floor of 3 people (i.e. if percentage of PMC is less than
   three, then Quorum is still 3)

BTW, what percentage of PMC membership would you like to see
for quorum?  50% or 33%?  I am flexible on this point.

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